99¢entsIT is proud to be the first to introduce fresh and innovative ideas in the Information Technology billing structure.
Most I.T firms charge per hour rates, at 99¢entsIT we charge per
minute rate.
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What's In It For You ?

Well, we want to get-in, do an OUTSTANDING job and get-out!  Since our billing structure is per minute, we don't want to waste your/ our valuable time because of "hourly" rate restrictions.

99¢entsIT has a GROWING customer base very comfortable with this idea, as they always are benefiting from rapid, accurate and excellent customer satisfaction.

Why choose 99¢entsIT?

    • 99¢entsIT Assist program

Residing I.T departments in many large and small business companies, often find themselves overwhelmed with work load especially in current economical times where most businesses are forced to apply workforce reduction to reduce expenses.
We are here! and we want to help businesses and fellow I.T personnel, manage their network and meet their company's needs.  Our per minute rate helps management teams, reduce high external I.T support cost and delivers comforting solutions for expenses.

"99¢entsIT Assist program" can be tailored to your expense budget.  We will offer your business a solution that will satisfy the budget while providing outstanding I.T and user support.

    • 99¢entsIT Monthly program

This very successful program is tailored to satisfy small retail/ business owners.  Set at Only $300/month, business owners will receive a Bi-weekly 2 hour on premises visit to ensure that their network is functioning  properly and all user's request are met.

*Please note that due to the extreme reduction in cost, the
"99¢entsIT Monthly" program is per location and not per entity.

    • 99¢entsIT SecurityCam program

Another excellent offer.  99¢entsIT will help you chose the best hardware option to fit your budget and business needs, and we install it for you.
99¢entsIT team will install each camera for $99, including running and concealing the wires, mounting the cameras for best view angles, connect and setup your DVR on the network and we'll spend one on one time to help you get familiarized with the system and its functions.

    • 99¢entsIT Wire-Management and CleanUp program

"A clean environment is the first step to success... "
We will help make your server-room, workspace, front desk, personal desk not an eyesore to you or your visitors.

At 99CentsIT, we take pride in what we do, and we want you to have the best work environment ever :)

    • 99¢entsIT NonProfit program

Designed for Nonprofit organizations, 99¢entsIT and its staff will be honored to lend a hand.